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A market with very strong grow potential, new applications, innovative technology

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The Green Project

Leader in Intensive High Quality Microalghe Production

with an industrial automation system

100 million

company asset valuation


senior team


R&D team

35 million

fundraising per phase

40 million

company share capital

3 million

company own in the research laboratory

The activities of the Company are the development of the industrial plants for the intensive production of microalgae in
close environment for the purpose of
algae oil extraction and subsequent production in continuity of green energy and the development of the industrial plants for
the intensive production of microalgae for the production of:

  • pharmaceutical products

  • nutrition of animals

  • aquaculture

  • dietary products

  • food supplements

  • diet supplements

  • bio cosmetic and bio medical products

  • other products derived from microalgae that can be sold in pharmacies, parapharmacies, perfumeries, hairdressers, GDO, e-commerce, according to current legal provisions


The Blue Project

Perovskite Solar Cells & Solar Panels Production with an industrial automation system

Perovskite solar cells are a new type of solar cell made from a class of man made materials called perovskites. Perovskites are a different material than the silicon wafers that make up traditional solar panels. They have a crystallographic structure that makes them highly effective at converting photons of light from the sun into usable electricity. Perovskite solar cells represent a high efficiency, low cost solar technology, and shall be the future replacement for traditional
silicon solar panels.

TheCompany “BlueProject” focus is Molecular Engineering of Functional Materials for Photovoltaic and Light emitting applications. In the field of molecular-based photovoltaic devices, Si-Perovskite solar cells have reached an efficiency of over 28,7%. This efficiency level, coupled with the use of inexpensive materials and processing has stimulated momentum to industrialize this technology.

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Dottore e paziente


A big market

The Company holds a leadership position for quality, output levels and ability to precisely satisfy specific requests.



​As a core business, the development of sustainable technologies for the pharmaceutical, beauty and food industries are critical with renewable energy, bioplastics and related industries as key secondary markets.

  1. Natural biofortification during plant growth, with aqueous-based foliar sprays allowing a natural growth process.

  2. Development of innovative solar energy technologies through the pioneering perovskite mineral to produce solar panels with lower costs and higher efficiency.

  3. Microalgae cultivation using automated photo-incubation system that produces higher efficiency, ensuring premium quality.


The animal feed market

The animal feed market is large at over 1 billion metric tonnes per year, and this continues to grow.

All intensively raised animals require a nutritionally balanced diet to achieve optimum commercial value.

In 2019 the total market was worth between $400 billion to $500 billionand is set to grow during the next five years (2020-2024) at around 4% cagr, enlarging the market by a further $93 billion.


Within the above growth figures the non-gmo side of the feed business is expected to show even better growth of around 8% cagr, alone adding over $13 billion.


Algae use in animal feed is projected to grow at the same rate of around 8% cagr, contributing around $1.1 billion in extra revenue.


Invest in Enoil and become part of this vibrant growth

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