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INTERNATIONAL TAX ADVISORS LIMITED  was established in United Kingdom on April 4th, 2008, the company has grown dramatically over the years. 

The company is owned from Mr. Stefano Fabbri, he is the CEO that manages the company with the collaboration of his Corporate Director Mr. Maurizio Facchetti, and 48 people between collaborators and employees.

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Our core business is taxes and finance, we offer full assistance to new business owners with a full set-up to help them incorporate their business in the United Kingdom.


However, thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can also assist new business owners set-up their business in various countries of the world. Being growth our mission we decided not only to assist our clients but also to invest in the same sectors, for this reason the company has grown dramatically over the years. We are active in various sectors such as Energy, Manufacturing, Technology and most recently PPE market.



For over 17 years we have consulted in the areas of administrative activities, corporate taxes and financial structures in the Czech Republic, China, Morocco, Romania, Greek, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and the United Kingdom. 


In the last year, the Company has structured a strong cooperation, creating a group of companies based on common principles of professional competence, highest integrity and the creation of sustainable value in the business and social realms.


The partnership with International Tax Advisors LLC has facilitated the venture with an Investment Development, a licensed financial company that operates in the finance and banking world exclusively with top tier banks. This common endeavor has spurred a dramatic growth for InTax as it has provided the necessary liquidity to invest across the board, diversifying its business in a series of niches.

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